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Welcome to our College

                                   HISTORY OF THE E.S.C.GOVT.POLYTECHNIC, NANDYAL

 This Institution known as “EPURI SESHAIAH CHITTY GOVERNMENT POLYTECHNIC” was established in 1960 with generous donation of Rs.2.5 Lakhs by Late Sri Epuri Seshaiah Chetty of Nandyal.  This Insitutiton is located in a spacious campus of 26.55 acres.  This Institution is well equipped with adequate equipment and machinery required for imparting training to the students. This institution is having a library which consists of thousands of volumes  in various disciplines to help the students for   reference.The Institution has attached Hostel which was constructed by Government of Andhra Pradesh during the year 1977. There are about 35 Rooms in this Hostel and about 150 students are accommodated. A Community Polytechnic is attached to this Polytechnic and the necessary funds for
this are sanctioned by the Government of India. Under this Scheme technical training in several trades like Motor Rewinding, House Wiring, Tailoring etc., is being given to interested unemployed rural youth in several villages. The Students Cooperative stores of this Institution is catering the needs of students and staff members of this Polytechnic and functioning efficient. At present the institution is offering courses  diploma in Civil engineering ,Electrical & Electronics engineering, Electronics & Communication engineering, Mechanical engineering , Mechanical engineering (sandwich) with intake of 60 in each course. The institution is also sanctioned second shift from the year 2009 with courses Electrical &electronics engineering, Electronics &communication engineering, Mechanical engineering  with intake of 60 in each course.





Welcome to our College

**Committed to serve the needs of the society at large by imparting state-of-the-art high
quality technical education.
**To produce personnel with a sound footing on basic engineering principles and exemplary
 professional conduct and making them adaptable to changing technological environment.
**Using technology for the progress of mankind.
**To develop Attitude and Skills combined with the highest ethical values as the inner strength.
**To ensure all round development of students through judicious blend of curricular,

 co curricular and extracurricular activities.




Welcome to our College

To achieve position of excellence in all realms, ESC Govt. Polytechnic, NANDYAL
will serve as the premier multidisciplinary institute committed to advancing excellence
in all aspects of technical education. Therefore vision of ESC Govt. Polytechnic is to
develop the institute as a role model for other institutes in AP. In essence, it should
be the preferred destination of every Diploma student. The main objective is to change
the mindset of the students to optimize their inner abilities and unleash their potential
 to bring prosperity in the society thus helping economic growth of the nation.

M.Rama Subba Reddy
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